AdMob: International iPhone OS use growing faster than U.S.

In its Mobile Metrics Report for June 2009, mobile advertising platform AdMob detailed iPhone and iPod touch share by region, finding that the international market for the devices is growing faster than the U.S. According to the report, 54% of iPhone OS users in June were in the U.S., down from 61% six months ago.

26% of those were in Western Europe, with Asia representing 7% of global iPhone and iPod touch users. The company also points out that despite the rise in iPod touch sales reported by Apple in it’s Q3 2009 earnings call, the ratio of iPhones to iPod touches on their network remained at roughly 2:1, suggesting the growth of the two devices is on a similar trajectory.

AdMob’s numbers are based on the 16 million iPhone OS users in their network.