Adult content coming to App Store in March?

A recent series of high-profile Twitter updates suggests that Apple will be relaxing its restrictions on adult content beginning in March. Late last evening, Playboy CEO Hugh Hefner made an announcement via Twitter that “Playboy—both old & new—will be available on iPad beginning in March.” In response to questions about the content, Hefner added that “all the back issues of Playboy will be available on iPad, & current issues as well,” and said that “Playboy on iPad will be uncensored.” Playboy currently offers a $1 iPhone app, with recent monthly editions available for purchase within the app, but the app’s description states that it “does NOT contain any nude content.” The possibility remains that Playboy has simply created a web application through which it can offer its full range of content, however, Hefner’s preface of “Big News!” on the announcement seems to imply that iPad access will be made possible via an approved app. [via TechTrackr]

Update: Playboy spokesperson Theresa Hennessey, speaking with Fox News, has clarified Hefner’s comments, saying that the magazine’s archives will be coming to the iPad via a web-based subscription service. “We are releasing a web-based subscription service with Bondi Digital Publishing that will give users access to every issue of Playboy both past and present,” said Hennessey. “The service will be iPad-compatible and will utilize iPad functions.”

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