Agenda Calendar debuts new fast event creation screen

App Savvy has released an update to Agenda Calendar introducing a new fast event creation screen and a number of other enhancements based on user feedback. Agenda Calendar is a universal calendar app for iOS devices that provides additional themes and views along with enhanced features over the built-in iOS Calendar app such as advanced gesture support, sharing of events and status updates, custom alerts and more.

Agenda Calendar 3.0 showcases a new “super fast” event creation screen with a simplified layout and adds that ability to set highly customizable repeat options during event creation. Users can also now add contacts to events for use with status taps and set defaults for alerts and event duration.

iPad users can also now swipe left or right to change views and choose a smaller modal view if desired. Additional enhancements include an expanded number of alert times, the ability to hide text from All Day events and toggle to the native iOS event creation screen, along with a number of stability and bug fixes.