AirPods Wireless Charging Case rumoured to be available in Dec. for $69


AirPods Wireless Charging Case rumoured to be available in Dec. for $69

During this week’s event, Apple announced that its AirPods wireless earbuds would also be supporting Qi-compatible wireless charging with its new AirPower charging mat expected to arrive next year. Swiss site MacPrime claims to have heard from Apple Switzerland that this charging support will be coming in the form of a new wireless charging case for the AirPods, expected to go on sale in December for $69.
According to the report, the new case is visually very similar to the existing version, with the only apparent difference being that the charging status LED is now located on the front of the case rather than inside the cover. While MacPrime adds that the wireless charging will allow the AirPods to be recharged without using a Lightning cable, it’s unclear on whether the new case will still include a Lightning port for wired charging. It’s also not yet known whether Apple will be bundling the new wireless case with the AirPods, or selling it as a separate add-on.

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