Alive-Style debuts Popalive LCD remote for iPods

Alive-Style has announced the Popalive Remote, a new wireless remote and dock set for iPods. The remote, which features a 1.5-inch color screen and built-in rechargeable battery, allows users to view and navigate the contents of their music folders directly on the Popalive Remote. The remote communicates with the Popalive Dock via bi-directional RF connectivity for use through walls, ceilings and floors. The dock also has mini stereo audio out and S-Video out, and charges a docked iPod. The Popalive Remote works with fourth- and fifth-generation iPods, and is due for release in January 2007 for $149.

  1. Mike, the idea of the remote is that your iPod is hooked up to a set of speakers somewhere, so you can’t just hold your own iPod unless you have some sort of accessory for wirelessly transmitting its music direct from the iPod to your speaker system(s). Plus the iPod wouldn’t be being charged at the time and powering the iPod plus the wireless signal would probably drain the battery quickly. Too bad the dock doesn’t follow the universal dock adaptor spec.

  2. and some might say just get the bluetooth transmitter, but I think that only does audio, this might be a good solution for accessing video too. The review didn’t say it does navigate the video menus, but if so this would be better than the DLO docks – but expensive.

  3. Pure speculation.
    With nVidia holding the chip contract for the upcoming iPod, I’d dare to say we’ll be seeing front row on iPod.
    I personally am not a fan at looking at a little screen on a remote. I like to be looking at my device and controling it.
    This device is RF so I guess you could be completely away from the device. I am just not enamored with controlling my iPod, which has a great interface, with something that tries to “mimick” it from afar. The remote looks like an iPod that was exposed to mercury before birth.
    The image of the two charging side by side kinda says it all.

  4. some of you seem to be missing the point of this. I have my iPod docked into my audio system in the living room. I want to sit in the back garden having a drink in the sun, but I want to be able to flick through the tracks when one comes on that I don’t like, or when I want to change playlists spare of the moment.

    This lets me do that, and lets me see what I’m doing… all while my iPod is plugged into my amp elsewhere in the house. Change tracks, and pop the remote back in my pocket… perfect 🙂

  5. Wait, I’m confused, according to the description this allows you to plug it into an iPod compatible stereo and control it remotely? Did they stop including remote controls with stereos or something?

  6. Are you people really this ignorant? rainking187? HONESTLY? Is it that hard to understand that this will allow you to control your iPod from a distance!! Of course stereos can come with remotes, but what are you going to do with it, change radio stations, switch to the C.D. player. Please, for the love of GOD, a little competence before you post

  7. Shiv ~ take a chill pill, man.
    You’re letting your emotions run a bit high for something so meaningless. We’re just here to talk about this remote… don’t bust a blood vessel over it.

  8. Geez, calm down a little, forgive my confusion I was just sort of mystified as to why one would need this because the picture on the website shows an iPod in what appears to be an iPod HiFi. Which comes with a remote. I just assumed any good stereo that was compatible with an iPod would come with a remote capable of controlling the iPod but judging from the tone of your post I was wrong.

  9. Ok, seriously… who designed that retaded looking thing??? It’s ENORMOUS!! Please for the love of god will companies pleeeeeease stop designing and marketing BUTT UGLY products!!

    And the best part, $149??!?!?! LOL….. yeah I’m sure they’ll sell dozens.

  10. The product is similar to the KeySpan TuneView which is an actual shipping product. It is quite handy as noted by others here to be able to change music selections from anywhere in the house.

    With a multi-room sound system (such as the six room Russound I have it hooked to) I can have the remote with me anywhere I am listening while retaining full song selection ability, volume control, pause, etc… Sure, I could wear the iPod or other player to carry around the control, but with a two-way RF remote to my iPod (or computer running iTunes) I am able to listen through speakers throughout the house.

    I have purchased iTunes RF remote, used PDA iTunes controlling software such as Salling Clicker and a handful of others. The previous RF remotes have only offered skip +/-, volume and pause. Not direct music selection. The PDA devices work great, but you have to put up with the slow WiFi association issues.

    The TuneView and presumably the PopAlive give you two-way access with display.

  11. Why are people complaining about this being big? It’s not like you’re going to have this and your iPod in your hand at the same time. I don’t see anything wrong with the size, it actually looks perfect for a remote. Who wants a tiny nano sized remote…that’s for sure going to get lost in any house hold?

    Stop griping and look at what the product does before you whine on the boards

  12. I am probably ahead of the curve, but I am currently using the Onkyo iPod dock to enable use of the iPod with my Home Entertainment center. The remote control for the receiver allows for rudimentary transport control, but I would love to be able to browse my iPod from across the room and choose what is being played. Additionally, I rip tv programs with an eyeTV and store them on my iPod for playback through the AV system.
    Personally, I can see a great use for this product because it takes me a step further towards not only being able to use my iPod to carry content, but to also dock it at home so that I can listen and watch content on the iPod and navigate to find the content that I am looking for.

  13. Pretty good but lacking in many areas just like KeySpan whos remote is terrible. THere is a company that I read about named BEXY that will be launching a very solid remote with full contril including volume from up to 150 feet away soon. Stay tuned!!!

  14. OK, to cater for the customers who want an LCD remote the real McCoy (ipod) can be used with the Logitech bluetooth wireless music system, which is also cheaper. Granted, you don’t get a docking station but you can hook up this baby to any audio system with phono sockets.

  15. This will be a great product!!!
    I have the iJet 2-way and it actually works pretty great, especially in multi-room wired speakered homes, I plug the ipod into the base or “dock” of the ijet, then, into the bottome of the dock, the AC adapter (it has a pass through)and then plug the 3.5mm end of the av cable into my the bottome of the “dock base” and the A/V ends into the receiver RCA jacks and I can control my ipod (playlists and all, volume etc, right from my tiny, easy to fit in pocket remote….while the ipod charges too..Now the iJet does take a few minutes to setup and understand how it works to load the playlists and the LED is only 2 lines so visually, it’s pretty limited….That is Why I think and hope this will excell the iJet, it has color LCD, and all the scrolling capabilities of the ipod, unlike the ijet which I stated before works, but is limited….I do Hope the new Pop-Alive remote will have the dock passs-thru so it can remain charging while playing, and maybe even ….and this is big… it will keep the ipod controllable AT the ipod itself, and not just show the “do not disconnect” on the face…this would be very handy if you were close by and left the remote in another room, ad wanted to quickly change to a different paylist or song while standing close by….ALSO, please, please, please, let this support video too, it would be great to also see the video menu on the remote, and plug the ipod, (via the dock or whatever this will have for outputs into the A/V in ports on most tv fronts, and be able to select a video on the remote to come up on the tv screen as well…the ijet does not suport this..maybe a future version. So Basically, a pass thru to keep it charged, a dock (I’m sure it’ll have this for the “receiving end of thigs” hence “two-Way” and and allow you to choose a video, movie, or music on the remote. The ijet will play the audio of a movie, and maybe even the video, (haven’t tried video, cause can’t navigate to it via the remote, and the ipod stasy “locked in do not disconnect mode when docket with the iJet dock receiver, but you can hear the audio, I stumbled onto a move one day (heard the audio) but had no way to navigate to others..hope this makes sense…it’s 2a.m pst where I’m at and getting tired but I think this promises to be the next best IR, LCD, remote so far…Going to love the navigation of playlists, songs, genre etc…whatever.

  16. Okay, I’m tired…but I just read more on this (and I see there will be an s-video out, so doe this mean it’ll support video out to tv?


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