ALK releases new CoPilot Live Premium, Standard apps

ALK Technologies has released a major update of its CoPilot Live series of turn-by-turn GPS navigation apps, dividing the product line into new and separate Standard and Premium versions. Completely redesigned with a more intuitive user interface, CoPilot Live Premium provides detailed street maps stored directly on the device with voice-guided turn-by-turn directions between destinations. The new app provides users with up to three different routes when available and allows users to drag routes on-screen to select their preferred roads. Users can choose to view a 3D map, 2D map or simply a list of directions and the app provides speed limit displays and warnings, lane indicator arrows and signpost information for major highway exits and interchanges.

The new version also provides more interactive features allowing users to tap on the map to navigate to or discover location-specific information about points of interest. Wikipedia and Bing Local Search have also been added to provide users with an extensive database of additional local businesses and places beyond those included in the built-in POI database. A new Walking Mode provides users with a more appropriate interface when navigating by foot with an on-screen interface and enhanced display of POIs and Wikipedia locations on the map.

The updated versions are being sold as entirely new apps rather than as a direct upgrade to CoPilot Live version 8, however the company is offering discounted pricing during the initial release of the new applications. For now at least, the company has chosen to release only the Premium versions for the iOS platform. CoPilot Live Standard is available only on Android devices and simply provides an “a la carte” approach to allow casual users to purchase individual features that are bundled in the Premium version. CoPilot Live Premium is available in separate versions for various regions including CoPilot Live Premium USA ($10) and CoPilot Live Premium Europe ($44) for the iPhone and iPod touch and CoPilot Live Premium HD USA ($15) and CoPilot Live Premium HD Europe ($44) for the iPad. Additional regional versions can be found on the ALK Technologies App Store Page. No specific North American version is available, however users of the USA version can add a map of Canada for an additional $5 via in-app purchase. Additional optional in-app purchases include one-year subscriptions to real-time traffic for $10 and live fuel prices for $5.

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