Alleged iPhone 7 chassis photos show larger camera hole, no antenna lines

After last week’s leaked case photos hinted at a larger camera in the upcoming iPhone 7, another round of photos posted by French website NowhereElse appear to snow a much larger camera opening in the new device. Purportedly from a Catcher Technology factory, the schematic plans show the back case of an alleged iPhone, with changes to the hole for the camera and a lack of antenna lines. The camera hole appears bigger than the camera hole on the iPhone 6 or 6s, hinting at some sort of upgrade, but since the photos appear to show the 4.7-inch model, they shed no more light on other rumors that the iPhone 7 Plus will be getting a dual-camera system.
Another photo (see below) showing what looks like the internal components of a dual-camera setup made it to NowhereElse, seemingly in support of that theory. While they claim identification numbers suggest the components were designed for use in a future Apple device, the site also found those images have been floating around since January.