Allegedly new Apple earbuds for iPod, iPhone leak

Allegedly new Apple earbuds for iPod, iPhone leak 1

A video and images of new, allegedly Apple-designed earphones have leaked from Vietnam, where the white glossy earbuds are reportedly being manufactured for the company. The earphones have more of an oval shape than previous incarnations, and considerably smaller speaker holes are located near two sides, instead of a large grille directly in the center. This is likely being done to wave guide or channel the sound in a manner that was attempted by a handful of prior add-on accessories.


The earphones are described as intended for new iPods, but may well be included with new iPhones as well. Two photos are included: one of the new earphones and another comparing the old earbud to the unconfirmed new earbud. A full video comparing the two is also available. [via Tinhte]


  1. Whilst it is good to see Apple trying to improve on the stock earbuds, which are already significantly better than what most other companies offer as pack-ins, why anyone who listens to music or watches movies on their idevice even semi-regularly would use these is beyond me. There are many high quality, well priced options to replace these and people are doing themselves and their music a diservice by butchering the sound through any stock earbud like these.

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