Alpine releases first aftermarket Wireless CarPlay System


Alpine releases first aftermarket Wireless CarPlay System

Alpine has released the iLX-107 ($900), the first aftermarket Wireless CarPlay system. Although this is not the first CarPlay receiver in Alpine’s lineup, it’s particularly unique as it not only provides support for Apple’s Wireless CarPlay standard, but is the first of such aftermarket receivers. The unit itself sports a 7” VGA display with a capacitive touchscreen, and is designed to provide full Apple CarPlay support over a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection, as well as compatibility with Alpine’s own TuneIt iPhone app. Most of the other usual Alpine features are in here as well, including a 9-band parametric equalizer, 6-channel time correction, accessory expandability, and support for 50W on 4 channels and three 2V pre-outs.

Once the initial set up process has been completed, Wireless CarPlay will effectively allow users to automatically connect to their in-car system without having to even take their iPhone out of their pocket or purse, much less fumble with cables; although of course you’ll still need to do if you need to actually charge your iPhone on longer trips, Wireless CarPlay is a great solution for users with short commutes or those who are frequently in and out of their cars throughout the day. Although Apple introduced Wireless CarPlay in 2015 with iOS 9, it wasn’t until late 2016 when BMW added it to their newest 5 Series Sedan. Almost all CarPlay systems from other manufacturers still require a physical USB-to-Lightning connection. [via MacRumors]

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