Altec Lansing unveils Upgrader headphones for iPhone

Altec Lansing has introduced its new Upgrader series of headphones for MP3 players and multimedia phones, including the iPhone. The series — offered with (UHS) and without (UHP) a microphone — includes the UHS 302, UHS 306, and UHS 307, all of which sport microphones and a “convertible” adapter developed to connect with the iPhone and other mobile phones. The UHP 306, UHP 336, UHP 101 and UHP 301 all feature in-ear designs with silicon tips or pads that conform to the unique shape of ears and provide all day comfort.

The UHS 306 offers the same sound quality and custom fit, and also features an inline volume control and microphone for switching between phones calls and music.

The Upgrader Series also includes two over-the-ear designs, the UHP 405 that features booming surround sound (optimized for gaming) and UHP 805 that includes active noise-cancellation technology, perfect for airplanes. In addition, the UHP 303, UHP 302, UHP 304, UHS 307, and UHS 302 all offer AirFit designs that offer moisture resistance, and all but the UHS 307 offer breathable ear pads — the UHS 307 offers washable silicone ear tips, an inline volume control and microphone with mute switch, and a spring steel ear hanger, which it shares with the UHP 302.

The UHP 304 uses an over-the-head fit with a dual titanium headband. Altec Lansing’s Upgrader Series will be available in August 2007.