América Móvil to carry iPhone in Latin America

América Móvil, the largest mobile network operator in Latin America with more than 150 million subscribers, has said it will sell the iPhone across the region later this year, according to a Reuters report. Subsidiaries of Móvil include Telcel in Mexico, Claro in Brazil, Chile, and other nations, Comcel Colombia in Columbia, and Porta in Ecuador. This news follows a string of international iPhone announcements, which have Vodafone offering the handset in ten different countries and TIM offering the phone alongside Vodafone in Italy, marking the first non-exclusive iPhone country carrier. [via Fortune]

  1. That’s a shame, since claro is into heavy illegal practices in Chile (Like ruining credit reports for being 20 minutes late to pay a bill), their tech support is abysmal (They didn’t fixed a 15 days old BlackBerry “just because”) and have almost no 3G coverage (Only Santiago and the Valparaiso harbor)

    I think most people will keep buying iPhones in the US and unlocking them.

  2. For those who don’t know, América Móvil IS Telcel, which also is known for unethical practices on cel billing. They’ve just introduced 3G a few weeks ago, while competitors have been promoting it ages ago!

    Again, they do not have the advertising power of Telcel (a shame).

    But a lot of people have iPhones on the Telcel service right now, and the way I see it, they’ll keep buying in EU and jailbreaking in Mexico.

  3. It’s great Apple might finally give Latin America the pleasure of owning an iPhone without having it be jailbroken and hacked.

    Also, in Ecuador, the carrier’s name is “PORTA”, not “potra”, which is a female horse. LOL.

  4. Does this mean IMS will be available for LatinAmerica?

    For those above, I don’t vouch for Telcel and Claro on billing and tech support problems but I gotta tell you this is goods news for Latinamerica. Seems to me that you guys have an iPhone and don’t want anyone else to have it. I personally believe that sells are going to be huge.


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