AmpliTube adds VocaLive effects

IK Multimedia has released an update to AmpliTube adding support for adding effects from its companion VocaLive application. AmpliTube is a mobile guitar and bass effects processor that allows users to turn their iOS device into a complete guitar rig and mobile recording studio. With the latest update, AmpliTube users can now purchase five VocaLive effects, Choir, Morph, Pitch Fix, Doubler and De-Esser via in-app purchase as either a complete set or purchase specific effects individually. The update also includes a new enhanced preset system making it easier to manage effects presets and favourites and adds a vocal and solo eliminator to the Speed Trainer function similar to the feature found in VocaLive. AmpliTube is available from the App Store in different versions: the full version of AmpliTube for the iPhone and iPod touch and the full version of AmpliTube for iPad sell separately for $20 each. Lower-priced and free versions of each app are also available with effects and other features available a la carte via in-app purchase.

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