Analyst: New iPod nanos coming, ‘true’ video iPod delayed

Apple is likely to introduce new higher-capacity iPod nanos this Summer, but could delay the release of a video iPod with a larger screen until early next year, according to one analyst. Citing yesterday’s warning from PortalPlayer, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster said he expects 8GB and 10GB iPod nanos to be released in late Summer or early Fall. “Releasing new nanos during the back-to-school timeframe would allow Apple to capitalize on this seasonally stronger buying period, but, more importantly, we need to see the products in the market by October-November to take full advantage of holiday buying,” he said.
Munster said Apple could push back the release of a larger-screen video iPod until 2007. “While we do expect that Apple will release this product at some point, it is difficult to pin-point the timing,” he said. “Apple’s strategy could be to wait for increased availability of video content on iTunes, such as feature film, which would likely cause the company to hold back on launching in 2006.”

Munster also gave his predictions for other new Apple products. He expects new Intel-based iBooks in July, new Intel-based Power Macs this Fall (Sep-Nov), Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard next January, and an Apple iPhone sometime in 2007. “We continue to expect multiple new and upgraded products from Apple in the next 12 months,” Munster said. “New Intel-based Macs are a given, but we also expect new iPods and, potentially, an iPhone.”

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