Analyst: New iPod nanos coming, ‘true’ video iPod delayed

Apple is likely to introduce new higher-capacity iPod nanos this Summer, but could delay the release of a video iPod with a larger screen until early next year, according to one analyst. Citing yesterday’s warning from PortalPlayer, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster said he expects 8GB and 10GB iPod nanos to be released in late Summer or early Fall. “Releasing new nanos during the back-to-school timeframe would allow Apple to capitalize on this seasonally stronger buying period, but, more importantly, we need to see the products in the market by October-November to take full advantage of holiday buying,” he said.
Munster said Apple could push back the release of a larger-screen video iPod until 2007. “While we do expect that Apple will release this product at some point, it is difficult to pin-point the timing,” he said. “Apple’s strategy could be to wait for increased availability of video content on iTunes, such as feature film, which would likely cause the company to hold back on launching in 2006.”

Munster also gave his predictions for other new Apple products. He expects new Intel-based iBooks in July, new Intel-based Power Macs this Fall (Sep-Nov), Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard next January, and an Apple iPhone sometime in 2007. “We continue to expect multiple new and upgraded products from Apple in the next 12 months,” Munster said. “New Intel-based Macs are a given, but we also expect new iPods and, potentially, an iPhone.”

  1. As long as Apple is still trouncing all competition, I think they would be wise to slow down the upgrade cycle on iPods. They have a reputation for replacing them every few months, which I think leads people to be leery of buying them… i.e. they are always waiting for the next big thing.

    They really have no big incentive to be completely revamping the entire line every 6 months.

  2. Okay, I waited and waited to buy an iPod Nano. I wanted one at Christmas but no, I waited thinking maybe the price would drop after Christmas. Finally, this past Monday I bought my 2GB Nano as an Easter present to myself. I’m not concerned with the new product itself, I’m going to be mad if they lower the price on the exiting units! I don’t need huge amounts of space and I much prefer flash memory to hard drives. I would have liked 4 or 8 GB, but couldn’t justify spending over $200. Lesson is that you can’t wait forever to buy something. If you want it, get it! Waiting for price changes anymore with how fast technology changes is an exercise in futility.

  3. with the “video iPod” possibly delayed until 2007, I wonder if we’ll see a capacity bump (60GB–>80GB) for the 5G iPod? Maybe at the same time as the upgraded Nanos? Would make sense to keep the “buzz” going until the 6G iPod comes out.

  4. I find this a dissapointment. I think all will agree that the 5G was as much a stopgap solution as anything else. My monochrome 4G continues to wear down, but I find myself with no reasonable alternatives, save wait until Apple’s engineering can roll out a real improvment on a terrific device. I can only hope the wait will be worth it.

  5. thats horrible!
    I saved my money up for the true ipod and it looks like that i now could spend it on something else because it is coming out not as soon as i thought! i though it would be coming out any day now…but it look as if i was wrong..

  6. The problem with the notion of pushing back the flagship iPod release to next year from the usual fall introduction is that it’s only going to build anticipation for the new 6G, and detract attention (and sales) from the 5G, unless redsoxnation’s premise of a cap bump comes true. But even so, considering that everyone is anticipating that the 6G will be a true video-friendly player, only music fans would probably sign on in any sort of quantity for an updated 5G, and even then they would probably be well aware that a new model will be available Real Soon Now.

    Personally, I think Apple should stick to their customary introduction cycle. Whether one equates the iPod to being a fashion accessory or to being like any other cyclical product-maker, new replacement product generally hits store shelves at dependable intervals. And somehow I don’t see Apple passing up the opportunity of serving up a Brand New (and HOT) Widget for a holiday shopping season.

    Bottom lines must be maintained, after all.

  7. Personally I think it would be wise for Apple to do a small update soon with some new software features and new HDD sizes (40GB and 80GB).

  8. who cares about a new Video-iPod, there are still improvements to be made on the older iPods that can be done threw software. Just Look at Rockbox. Those guys show you that a lot can be done with software.

  9. i have been counting, and it has been like 8 months already since the 5g has come out so the true one should be coming, because as i knotesed apple gave around 5 months gap between the ipods(usually), so i am REALLY UPSET that the plans are changing

  10. I’m sick of these ‘analysts’ making their half-assed predictions when most of them don’t mean jack anyways….

  11. Newsflash! Analysts still making wild predictions out of their rears and people still believing them like they’re news. Film at eleven.

  12. I currently have a 15gb Iod 3g, bourght within days of launch of the model, i only use 7gb of the space so would buy a 8gb nano as soon as they appear, i would love the smaller size. I tried a 4gb mini but the battery life was bad and i couldnt fit all my tunes on!!


  13. I have zero interest in getting a video iPod because the screen is just too darn small to be practical. I would, however, definitely get an 8 or 10 GB Nano. The only reason I haven’t gotten a Nano yet is it would be silly when I have a 6 GB mini. Why pay all that money for something of less capacity?

  14. Jeddak,

    It’s smaller? Is your library more than 6 gigs? If so, then you are already used to managing a library that is less than your iPod holds, so I doubt you’d even notice the 2 gig difference, but you will notice the smaller size.

  15. I have a 4GB Nano (my first-ever iPod) and while I do love the thing, I’d be up at the front of the line to upgrade to a 10GB version.

    Now if only Apple could make one that plays for more than 6.5-7.5 hours on a single charge…. (I’m talking [i]actual[/i] time under real-world conditions here, not the pie-in-the-sky 14 hours that Apple claims.)

  16. i really hope this new ‘video’ ipod or any new ipod is all touch sensitive. 3G right here! Love it, don’t like the clicky ness. and with the $50 store credit, i can’t wait.

  17. I have nothing really say as far as speculation with a new iPod. All I can say is that Rockbox gets me through the day with my 4g and my Nano 2gb of course with rockbox on it as well which is perfect for working out…that’s all!!!

  18. I just received the $50 credit from the class action lawsuit (from 3G ipod I got my son as a gift). Credit expires in October. Don’t care about waiting for 6G ipod, but how likely is it an upgraded 5G will come out before October?

  19. NOOOO!!! i just got my 5g ipod and now theyre releasing better nanos!… its happening all over agen! this happened when i got my 2g mini!

  20. mtnagel,

    My library is over 20GBs. My point is, just because it is smaller doesn’t mean it is automatically better. I did not see the reason behind Apple coming out with a Nano that had less capicity than the Mini was at the time, except to get the gullible people who have to have EVERY single model to buy it. If the Mini was at 6 GB, they should have released the Nano in 8-10 GB right off the bat.

  21. I am hoping that Apple introduces a higher capacity Nano, as I really want one, yet I don’t want an iPod video. I bought my iPod a year ago, when the Photo was the top of the line, so it would be nice to sell it and buy a nice higher capacity nano!

  22. its obvious wut is going to happen. Apple warns of possible price drop, new 8-10gb nanos? HELLO! the price of the current nanos will drop to allow room for the higher capacity to move in. there will be nanos in 1, 2, 4, and 8-10Gb, black and white, also according to my sources, a man in cupertino, he is telling me new metal anodised nanos r coming in the old mini colours, lookin gud apple!

  23. Jeddak, “smaller” might not be better to you, but just because you don’t see the benefit to it doesn’t mean that Apple didn’t have a good reason to introduce it. Really, by that logic, why did Apple bother introducing the iPod mini, which had a smaller capacity than the regular iPod, and whose only benefit was that it was smaller.

    The iPod mini had appeal because it was smaller than the regular iPod and thus easier to take around…… and the iPod Nano was even smaller still, and so thin that it can easily fit into a pocket. This is a benefit to many people, and is the reason it was released. The capacity issue wasn’t specifically a big part of the equation.

  24. I’m among the group who was gullible and purchased a 2 gig nano the week it came out because I like to purchase every new model. While it’s got a cool, thin, credit card design, I still prefer my 4 gig Mini. The ergonomics are more comfortable in your hand, and 2 gigs is really not enough space. I can’t wait for an 8 or 10 gig model, but I agree with the earlier comment here that was made which pointed out that Apple could have waited to replace the Mini with a model that had more capacity, especially for the price. It’s very important to look at the gig/$$$ ratio. If you think about it, $150 for a 1 gig is crazy compared to less than $7 a gig for a 60 gig model.

  25. i restrained myself from buying the video cause its really aint jsut good watching on it… i really was waiting with bithng fingernail for the ‘touch-pod’ it least be better watching… and i never read the would release new nanos?… is t as realiable as that predection that the v2shuffles would come in januari? never was true also. im a first time apple user. bought a nano 4g white last week with a radio remote an im happy with it.

  26. I’ve a 60Gb iPod 5G and am delighted! Tiny movies will be great and much better than staring at the ceiling on plane flights, etc. And it can be kept in my shirt pocket. 2.5″ image is small, but it’s *sharp* which helps a lot.

    I can’t imagine a 10G flash unit as some have suggested to be practical in the market with current flash prices. Maybe later as flash prices decline and/or when the Intel/Micron joint venture starts cranking out flash parts.

  27. I agree, a 10gb nano is not ready for the market…the price would be too high. I do see a nano and video with current issues resolved as the next upgrades as suggested by someone.

    As far as rumors about the full face display ipod…I don’t see that in the near future, especially if the control would be an on-screen virtual touch wheel. Do they have technology that would keep the display from ever getting scratched and dulled by constant touching to access and use control functions?

    If a full screen ipod video is to succeed, it will have to be radically changed in design. Controlls on the side or something like that to keep the convenient small size. The trademark control wheel would probably have to go.

    …and why not a flip-ipod? You get a larger screen and it’s protected while not in use plus no greasy prints and scratches from the on-screen control section to distract you from enjoying your video playback. I see two sets of controls; One on the outside to control your music, audio podcasts and all non-video stuff. When you flip it open, the inside has another layer of controls but these control the video options(or both). When it is closed, it looks like a regular ipod…It would look like a gamboy advanced when cracked open, only way, way cooler.
    Apple has a way with making stuff pretty.

    It will be a while, but, I can still dream about it.

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