Report: Three new iPhones next year; two with dual camera, one with OLED screen

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is doubling down on previous rumors that Apple will release three new iPhones next year — two phones with dual-camera setups and one without. He foresees two large phones in the 2017 lineup boasting dual cameras: A deluxe redesigned model with an OLED screen, and one more like the current iPhone 7 Plus with the same type of LCD display. The smaller 4.7” model, also featuring a more traditional LCD display, will keep the single camera, possibly as a result of size constraints limiting the space for components inside the phone.
Rumors about the 2017 iPhone have been all over the map, with some sources claiming there will be two radically redesigned phones and others keeping more in line with Kuo, expecting a flagship model and others with lesser features to be released simultaneously. There’s also disagreement over whether Apple will be able to embed the home button under the screen and uncertainty about whether or not the company can keep costs low enough to offer wireless charging capabilities. Furthermore, there has been speculation about Apple skipping the iPhone 7s designation and skipping straight to the iPhone 8 next year. If Kuo’s prediction turns out to be true, Apple could release two new iPhone models with modest updates alongside another as-yet-unnamed deluxe device. [via Apple Insider]


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