Report predicts all-glass body for 2017 iPhone model

In the latest report from KGI Securities, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doubles down on his earlier prediction that Apple will move to an all-glass body for its 2017 iPhone. The report said Apple is moving to adopt the all-glass body to keep the iPhone looking modern, ahead of competitors who are beginning to adopt its current aluminum design. The new iPhones are expected to feature OLED screens, a claim bolstered by the Korean Herald’s report last week that Apple has reached a $2.59 billion deal that would see Samsung produce 100 million OLED displays for iPhones over the next three years. [via 9to5Mac]
Kuo’s report doesn’t shine any light on how Apple will construct the all-glass iPhone, but he doesn’t foresee drop tests being a roadblock to the company’s decision, since the iPhone 4 already proved the company can construct a phone mostly from glass. The iPhone 4 featured glass on both the front and back, but the panels were held together with a steel band.


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