Analyst: Retailers suggesting iPods to customers 70% of time

Retail store clerks suggest an iPod 70% of the time, according to a new survey by Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster. “Our checks with 40 big-box retailers show that store clerks are suggesting iPods significantly more than other brands,” Munster wrote in a report today.

“Also, they are suggesting iPods to customers more than they used to. When asked to suggest an MP3 player for less than $200, 70% suggested an iPod model.

This figure is up from 52% in June 2005 and 38% in November 2005.” Retailers suggested SanDisk players 13% of the time and Creative players 10% of the time, followed by Sony (5%) and Samsung (3%). “Overall, it is clear that the iPod brand dominates mind-share among indirect sellers of MP3 players,” said Munster.