Analyst: Updated iPods coming, but no video iPod in 2005

A higher capacity iPod shuffle and color screen iPod mini are both likely to be introduced this year, though a video iPod isn’t expected before the end of 2005, according to one Wall Street analyst. In a research note obtained by iLounge, Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gene Munster offered an overview of potential new Apple products, including his speculation on the future iPod line.

Munster said he expects a higher capacity iPod shuffle to debut before the end of 2005, noting that Apple Expo in Paris at the end of September will likely be the venue for its introduction. “Comments from iPod supplier PortalPlayer seem to indicate that there will be some form of new flash-based device in the market toward the end of the Sep-05 quarter,” Munster said. “We believe this is likely a high capacity shuffle or another new flash-based iPod.”

Munster said a much anticipated color screen iPod mini is likely to be introduced this year and could also debut at Apple Expo in Paris. “We believe that this is a natural extension of the existing 4GB/6GB mini and given Apple’s move to color on the 20GB iPod, we would not be surprised to see the company add a color screen to the mini,” he said. “In our view, a color screen iPod mini would be a home-run product for Apple in the upcoming holiday season.”

Finally, Munster said that a video iPod is unlikely anytime soon. “While speculation regarding the launch of a video iPod within the next 2-3 quarters is growing, we do not expect a video iPod within the next 12 months,” Munster said. “Based on comments from the company regarding the portable media center market and the current lack of significant consumer interest for feature film downloading, we believe Apple will wait at least 12 months—until the market is ready for such a product.”

  1. Well that’s disappointing. I was hoping for more of a leap from Apple. Why wait on the video? Did they wait for the music, or did Apple create the market? Perhaps Apple simple cannot get a decent product to market in a reasonable time and is choosing to wait. However, I still dream of an Apple product that will be a combination PSP, iPod, Smartphone, with video capability. Haaa…sweet dreams…

  2. if there is no market for feature film downloads then why are people illegally downloading? why are movie and tv torrent sites so popular? why is the mpaa filing law suits?

    this is the same exact environment that itunes was born out of. and at that time “analysts” were saying that there was no “interest” in legal music downloads.

    analysts are out of touch – and blow more smoke…

  3. I would tend to agree with this. A video iPod would be awesome, but with the lack of a content, what good is it? Sure iTunes already has music videos available, but what’s the point of watching a music video over and over again? Something along the lines of iMovie/iPod integration would be cool, but all things considered, I just don’t think the market is ready to support a video capable iPod.

  4. I have a different take on this…I find this “prediction” interesting in light of the fact that Creative announced the introduction of their Zen Vision, a PMP w/video capability…wonder if Apple is gonna “hang loose” and see how the Vision sells then adjust accordingly? Just a thought…

  5. bring on the ipod micro.
    a flash based ipod with a screen. a mix between the shuffle and the mini.
    because they cant introduce a flash based 2Gb divice without a screen

  6. Like most economic analysts….if he’s wrong, nobody ever remembers. If he’s right, HE won’t let anybody forget. Like anyone cares what an analyst says. Now an Apple insider or someone with really good sources, that’s a different beast.

  7. Good, I want some more time before my 30gig colour screen becomes obsolete, I don’t want to be tempted to upgrade. If they add video support to the ipod I think it won’t be with full length films in mind, more like music videos and video clips from digital cameras. You can already view your personal photos from your camera, why not the videos? Most digital cameras now have video functions.

  8. So, when can we expect to see an official 5G iPod?
    will the video iPod be the 5G? or just a seperate thing like the photo was.

  9. The torrent comment is spot on. With this little beauty, I just download what I want, load, and play. Or I can just record a DVD directly into the PC and then put it onto the device. People who say there is “no content” are just plain wrong.

    I *love* haveing complete Futurama, Simpsons, 24, and Battlestar Galactica seasons in my pocket – it;s one way to never get bored!

  10. well,
    I hope he is wrong, but either way, this fall I am buying either an Apple “video iPod” or the new Creative Zen. I would prefer the Apple route, but I cant wait forever……

  11. I highly doubt that there is no Video iPod on the way. I looking at Christmas. Just yesterday Apple added the word video on their iPod pattent. And looking directly at iTunes code reveals there is hidden avi and wmv support. If you don’t believe me look at for any iPod articles. I think this is a little ploy from Steve to sell all the iPods he can now and not be left with back stock. Just like what they did with Tiger, I work for a major computer retailer and the Apple rep told us that Jobbs told then and announced that Tiger was still months off. And magically they released it a week latter.

  12. Well, I hope to see a brand new iPod Video this september. But I hardly beleive that to be the case. Apple is well known not to rush anything and a video iPod is quite a big step in the ipod evolution. Sure the iPod Video will be here, but not anytime soon.

  13. Man was I laughing as I was reading through this, and listening to my 30 GB VIDEO IPOD! This little thing is amazing, and I’m glad it didn’t take a whole nother 6 months to a year to come out. It’s phoenomenal! I love listening to people who think they know what they’re tlaking about, but REALLY have no clue. Hind sight is always 20/20.

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