Anki’s Cozmo gains more interactive features in latest update

Anki has released another feature update to its Cozmo robot just in time for the Holiday season, adding even more interactive features. The “Cozmo Says” feature that allowed users to type in things or Cozmo to say has received a boost, being renamed “Cozmo Performs” and allowing kids to trigger Cozmo to express certain emotions or act like other animals and objects, such as a cat, a dog, or a firetruck, and even chain statements and actions together to tell a story with Cozmo. Cozmo Free Time has also been enhanced to allow users to see what Cozmo sees as he is wandering around and get updates on what he is thinking and what is sparking his curiosity. Two new Cozmo Mini Games have also been added, “Rebounce” where players can use their head movements to bounce a ball and bash bricks and “Tappy Cozmo” where players must rapidly tap red and green cubes to navigate past dangerous canyon walls. Anki is also now selling a companion book, “Create with Cozmo” for $19.99 to introduce basic coding concepts and get users started on building Code Lab projects with Cozmo.

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