Announcing TunesAtWork—Leave your music at home, and listen at work. Free.

TunesAtWork lets you listen to your personal iTunes music collection while at your office or lab, even though your iTunes collection resides at home.

TunesAtWork is a specialized web server that runs on your home Macintosh and serves web pages that present your music collection (including playlists) organized visually much the same as in iTunes itself.  This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.
Clicking the various links in the web page will cause MP3 files to be streamed from your home Mac to the computer where your browser is running.  As long as that computer (where the browser is running) has a helper application that can play streamed MP3 files (e.g., WinAmp on Windows, MacAmp or iTunes itself on Macintosh), you will hear your music on that computer.

TunesAtWork is free. It requires a Mac, OS X, iTunes 4, and a high-speed internet connection.

Because TunesAtWork is for personal use, it allows only a small number of remote computers (four in this version) to play streamed MP3 files from your Mac.  Once this number of remote computers have streamed music from your Mac, no additional computers will be allowed to do so.  (Note that if multiple remote computers are behind a firewall, they may appear as a single computer to TunesAtWork.)  However, TunesAtWork will let you clear the list of “allowed” remote computers, after which new remote computers (again no more than four) will be permitted to stream music from your Mac.

TunesAtWork requires Java 1.4.  If your Mac has an older version of Java, when you start TunesAtWork you’ll be asked to update it.  This is easily done from Apple’s web site, .

—The TunesAtWork Team
    ([email protected])

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