AOL releases redesigned AIM app


AOL has released a major update to its AIM instant messaging client for the iPhone and iPod touch sporting a new redesign from the ground up with several new features. AIM 5 adds support for storing and syncing message history across multiple devices so that all messages are more readily available, with the ability to take conversations “off the record” for privacy requirements. Group chat has also been included and enhanced to make it simpler to talk and share with multiple users and users can now share photos and locations directly in a conversation stream. The app also adds the ability to copy and paste messages, set quiet hours for muting sounds and push notifications, modify incoming message sounds and see notifications for activity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in addition to the AIM network. AIM 5.0.1 is available from the App Store in two versions: a full version, AIM ($3) and an ad-supported AIM (Free Edition). An iPad native version is also available but has not yet been updated to version 5.0.


Jesse Hollington

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