App Mix: Chipotle, Gangstar, Farm Idol, Bump’ny

After a multi-month delay, burrito chain Chipotle has re-released its ordering application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Launched alongside a newly updated online ordering system, the new Chipotle Ordering application lets users order food directly from their device, securely pay with a credit card, utilize Location services to find the nearest Chipotle restaurant, view the menu and fully customize their orders, save favorites for future orders, and more. Chipotle Ordering is available now as a free download from the App Store.

Gameloft has released Gangstar: West Coast Hustle, its latest game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Gangstar is a 3D Grand Theft Auto-style game, putting players in a fully-3D reconstruction of a city with open-ended environments. Players can complete missions at their own pace, and the game offers a variety of vehicles, weapons, and in game music; players can also choose to play their own music. Gangstar: West Coast Hustle sells for $7.

PawPaw has released Farm Idol, its new application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Farm Idol is a music app in which users select from a cow, chicken, duck, pig, or sheep, and use a combination of on-screen notes and accelerometer-based pitch control to create music. Farm Idol is available now and is priced at $1.

Bump’ny Company has released Bump’ny, its first game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Bump’ny is based on an English pub game called Shove Ha’penny, in which players drag a coin to the bottom of the board and bump it so that it lands between two lines. the game offers both single and two-player modes, three levels of difficulty, varied playing surfaces, realistic gesture controls to “shove” coins into play, and accelerometer-based bump controls. Bump’ny is available now and sells for $2.

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