Cramzy has released Chippy, its new game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Based on the Capcom arcade game Pang, Chippy puts players in control of a squirrel, who must shoot down floating balls while collecting bonuses before the timer runs out. The game offers on-screen controls, 18 levels, each with different bonuses and obstacles, in-game music, and a pause/resume feature. Chippy sells for $1 and is available now from the App Store.

Cracked Eggs Productions has released Find The Nuts, a poker training application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Find The Nuts aims to help Texas Hold’em players identify the best hand, or “the nuts” by reading the community cards. The game lets players practice with three, four, or five community cards, using a side-scrolling row of remaining cards at the bottom to build either the best hand, or, for more advanced users, the second- or third-best hand. Find The Nuts: Texas Holdem Trainer is available now from the App Store and sells for $1.

SplashData has announced the release of both SplashPhoto and SplashNotes for the iPhone and iPod touch. SplashPhoto offers users a Photos app alternative, with two-way sync to a free PC or Mac OS X desktop version. It allows users to group photos by album, add titles and notes, move photos between albums directly from the device, upload to/download from both Flickr and Picasa, geotag photos taken from the iPhone, and set a password to prevent unwanted access to the photos. SplashNotes is a notetaking and outlining application that also syncs directly with companion Mac or Windows software. It offers users the ability to create outlines of any size and complexity, attach notes and photos for quick recall, and display lists with checkboxes to turn outlines into task lists. SplashPhoto and SplashNotes are available now and sell for $5 each.

Charles Starrett

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