App Mix: Ravensword, Star Wars, Google Earth, Konami

Chillingo has released Ravensword: The Fallen King, its latest game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Developed by Crescent Moon Games, Ravensword is a 3D action/adventure game with role-playing elements, offering a large, open sandbox-style world in which players can take on quests to earn money and experience, battle enemies including orcs, trolls, and demons, and uncover new weapons, items, and magical runes. Features include the ability to switch between first- and third-person perspectives, an original soundtrack with spacial 3D audio, an optional auto-targeting interface, and more. Ravensword: The Fallen King is available now and sells for $7.

THQ Wireless has released Star Wars: Trench Run, its latest Star Wars-themed title for the iPhone and iPod touch. Based on the final battle sequence of the original film, Trench Run places players in the shoes of a Rebel Alliance Red Squadron pilot, as they attempt to fight their way past the Death Star’s defenses, down into a trench where they must dodge obstacles, cannon fire, and Darth Vader’s ship while attempting to fire their guns into a small hole in order to destroy the battle station. Features include 3D graphics, original music and sound effects, accelerometer-based controls, multiple camera and gameplay modes with multiple difficulty levels, and online leader boards. Star Wars: Trench Run is priced at $5.

Google has released an update to its Google Earth application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Google Earth 2.0 allows users to create their own custom maps to be loaded into the application by logging into a Google Maps account, an improved interface for selecting photos, Wikipedia entries, and place information from the main view, improved performance, and expanded language support. Google Earth 2.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch is available now as a free download from the App Store.

Konami is currently offering its complete lineup of games for the iPhone and iPod touch for $1 each. The company’s titles include Metal Gear Solid Touch, Silent Hill: The Escape, Frogger, Silent Scope, Krazy Kart Racing, and more. It is unknown how long the company plans to keep its titles at this minimum price point.

  1. I have been having the same issue as Dave, except that it happens with quite a few different apps. Say for example I check to see if there are any app updates. It shows me 11. I update all, and all 11 download, but 4 don’t disappear. If I check to see if there are any updates, those 4 show up again. Usually within half a day, after I update them again, they will finally disappear.

    This has been going on with many different apps for the last 4-5 days.

    Has something changed that I am unaware of. It didn’t do this before and then all of a sudden, this is a common occurrence.

    Curious if this has been happening to others.

  2. Good to hear I am not the only one having this problem, it started yesterday for me. App updates on the iPhone “do not take”, despite visual feedback that an update is done. Either that or the App Store application do not recognize updates.
    Updating in iTunes worked for all but one app, which I had to delete on the iPhone and reinstall for the App Store app to accept that it was updated.

  3. On another note, the Konami low pricing is not valid withing the EU, where it’s apps are still priced equivalent to the range of $2-$5.

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