App Mix: Volcano Planet, Prowl, iMated, Nearest Tube


Jelly Biscuits has released Volcano Planet, its latest game for the iPhone and iPod touch. In Volcano Planet, users attempt to help inhabitants of a volcanic planet escape from destruction by tapping on volcanoes as they erupt—like a 3-D whack-a-mole game—while swatting away passing flying saucers. Features include local and Internet high score tracking, bonuses for speed and accuracy, and pause functionality. Volcano Planet is available now from the App Store and sells for $1.

Zachary West has introduced Prowl, a new Push Notification-enabled Growl client for the iPhone and iPod touch. The application works in concert with the Growl plugin for Mac OS X, allowing users to receive Growl notifications—for things like incoming emails, IMs, and Tweets, completed processes, and more—via Apple’s Push Notification service. Other features include the ability to keep up to 30 days of notifications stored on the server, customized notifications, and the ability to send any message to the device via the Prowl website. Prowl is available now and is priced at $3.

Sevnthsin, PopLife, and Yustin have released iMated, a new photo manipulation app for the iPhone and iPod touch. iMated lets users choose and align photos of two separate people to be combined into one face, giving an amusing look at the possible offspring of the two people pictured. Features include the ability to use a photo from the library or take a new photo with the camera, and the ability to shake to generate new results. iMated is available for $2.

Acrossair has previewed Nearest Tube, its new augmented reality application for the iPhone 3GS. Once the app receives approval from Apple, Nearest Tube will allow London-based iPhone users to hold the phone up and see their surroundings displayed in video format, with information about the nearest subway stations—gathered using a combination of Location and Compass technology—overlaid in real time over the video. Nearest Tube is pending approval from Apple; pricing has yet to be announced.

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