App Store Finds: PhoneSaber removed, FMTouch, ProRemote, PuzzLoop

The developers behind the popular iPhone and iPod touch application PhoneSaber have posted a statement regarding the app’s removal from the App Store. According to TheMacBox, they pulled the app at the request of THQ Wireless, which owns the rights for Star Wars apps on mobile phones. Their talks with THQ were friendly, however, and the devs write that “[t]hey want to do some sort of official, Star Wars branded version of PhoneSaber, and will be working with us on that one.” Release date and pricing information for the new version has yet to be revealed.

FMWebSchool has introduced its new FMTouch application, which allows users to deploy FileMaker Pro on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

The app offers support for multiple databases, multiple related tables, layouts, portals and value lists, and allows users to add records, edit records, delete records, delete found sets, sort records, edit portal rows, search, find all records and use FileMaker generated runtimes. FMTouch requires FileMaker 8 or 9, and is now available through the App Store for $99.99.

Far Out Labs has announced the release of its new ProRemote applications, which allow iPhone and iPod touch users to control professional audio products such as Digidesign’s ProTools and Apple’s Logic Music production system using a proprietary protocol over a Wi-Fi network. It provides users with either eight channels (light edition) or 32 channels of remote control with real-time color metering and 40mm touch-sensitive virtual faders.

The full version of also offers a dedicated transport view that allows the user to do audio scrubbing/shuttling, set markers, and control many advanced aspects of the transport as well as basic play, record, and return to zero. ProRemote Light Edition and ProRemote are both available now from the App Store, and sell for $39.99 and $149.99, respectively.

Hudson Soft has released its second iPhone/iPod touch game Puzzloop. First released as an arcade game in 1998, Puzzloop is a “looping puzzle” game in which players attempt to clear differently-colored balls from the game screen by shooting balls from a central position in hopes of connecting three or more of the same color.