Appigo’s Todo adds Location Alerts

Appigo has released an update to its task management apps for the iPhone and iPad adding support for location-based alerts. Todo is an advanced task manager for iOS devices that allows users to keep track of both simple tasks as well as hierarchical projects and checklists. The app provides advanced features such as repeating tasks, full task searching, GTD support with contexts and tags and contact, e-mail, SMS and phone integration for making calls and sending messages.

Users can enable Dropbox or iCloud synchronization to keep their tasks up to date across multiple iOS devices and an online web interface and optional Mac desktop app. Tasks can also be synced with, iCal or Microsoft Outlook.

The latest version adds support for location alerts similar to those found in the iOS 5 Reminders app, allowing users to set a reminder for when they arrive at or leave a location.

Unlike the built-in app, however, which requires users to choose a location from the iOS Contact list and is limited to the iPhone only, Todo supports location alerts in both the iPhone and iPad versions and allows users to specify an arbitrary address or simply select a location by dropping a pin on an integrated map view. Todo is sold in two separate versions: Todo ($5) for the iPhone and iPod touch and ToDo for iPad ($5). Both versions are compatible with iOS 3.1 or later with features such as iCloud sync and Location Alerts requiring iOS 5.0 or later.