Apple adds $99 annual Apple Music subscription option for existing users

After releasing $99 gift cards that provide a full year of Apple Music, Apple appears to now be making that option available online for existing subscribers, Ukranian website Tehnot has spotted. The process for getting the annual subscription is convoluted, with users having to subscribe to the $10 a month option first, then go back into their account and change the option over to a $99 annual rate. The option was previously only available by purchasing an Apple Music Gift Card, although the $99 rate would renew annually once the first gift card was used. Given that the $99 rate isn’t present on the first enrolment screen, we’re left to wonder if the option was mistakenly enabled for all users instead of just gift card holders, but for existing users who plan to use Apple Music for a full year it’s worth the extra effort to go in and find it. For those who are looking to enroll for the first time, though, it’s probably still best to buy a gift card to start since that will save the trouble of having to pay for the first month at the $10 rate. [via TechCrunch]

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