Apple adds new ‘Customer Support’ role for App Developers


Apple adds new ‘Customer Support’ role for App Developers

Apple has added a new “Customer Support” role to the iTunes Connect portal for app developers, allowing companies to provide designated representatives with the ability to respond to customer reviews on the App Store. The new role complements the change earlier this year that allowed app developers to begin responding to reviews on the App Store. Previously, only members of the developer’s team with the Legal, Admin, App Manager, or Marketer roles had the ability to respond to customer reviews; this new more specific role allows developers to more easily delegate this task to other members of their team without the need to provide unnecessary extra privileges.

The new Customer Support role can be assigned to users as their only role, or it may be used in combination with other roles; users who have been assigned only the Customer Support role will also be able to access Resources and Help, Users and Roles, and My Apps in iTunes Connect, where they will be taken directly to the “Ratings and Reviews” section to read and respond to customer reviews. With this change, only users with the Admin and new Customer Support roles will now be able to respond to reviews, however to ensure a smooth transition Apple has automatically assigned the new Customer Support role to all users who currently hold the App Manager and Marketer roles, however any new users added after July 13, 2017 will need to be manually assigned to the Customer Support role in order to respond to customer reviews.

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