Apple has added a new Travel Guide section to the iTunes Store. Found on the right-hand side of the main iTunes storefront under “More In Music,” the Travel Guide page offers links to destination applications, podcasts, audiobooks, and music, language-oriented translation and learning apps, podcasts, and audiobooks, a section for “Staycations” featuring movies, TV Shows, and audiobooks, and a section for more travel tools highlighting a number of iPhone applications that might be helpful to those traveling by car or plane, for both international and domestic trips. Also new to the “More In Music” section is a dedicated link to the store’s Commercial Success page, which highlights individual songs used in various recent TV commercials. Notably, the page for July 2009 spotlights the song “Wholehearted” by Madcon, which the description claims is used in a new Apple TV spot, although it is unclear exactly what ad is being mentioned.

Update: Apple has since pulled “Wholehearted” off the current Commercial Success page.

Charles Starrett

Charles Starrett was a senior editor at iLounge. He's been covering the iPod, iPhone, and iPad since their inception. He has written numerous articles and reviews, and his work has been featured in multiple publications.