Apple airs new iPad 2 ad ‘Learn’

Apple airs new iPad 2 ad ‘Learn’ 1


Apple has started to air its latest TV commercial for the iPad 2. Entitled “Learn,”  the 30-second advertisement is similar in tone to the company’s prior iPad 2 commercials, and features a voiceover by Peter Coyote which states, “Are you curious about new ideas? Do you want to learn a new language, or just a new word? Maybe you want to know more about anatomy, or astronomy. You could master something new, or uncover a hidden talent. There’s never been a better time to learn.” The new commercial is available for viewing on Apple’s website.

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  1. Hey I really enjoy the iPad 2 aka “learn” i dont know where you got that from but me and my girlfriend sarah chandel always play games against each other on it. When I need to study anatomy I use the goggle body and its a plus because the screen is really really big and I can see everything. The only problem with the iPad 2 this that it is expensive it cost like 600 to 800 dollars. If I try to go try and resell it somewhere it wont get selled for as much. For the value of a iPad 2 I could take a trip to Cancun and we all know trips are costly. On the plus side the Ipad 2 is a really good learning device and you can pretty much learn anything from it but they shouldnt call it “LEARN. They should call it like knowledge or acquire.

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