Apple announces iPhone OS 3.0 event on March 17

Apple has begun sending out invitations to select media outlets inviting them to a special event on March 17. As illustrated in the invitation, the topic will be iPhone OS 3.0 and a new software development kit (SDK) for the updated operating system; the event will be held on Apple’s campus in Cupertino, CA. The invitation arrives a little over a year after Apple’s 2008 iPhone Software Roadmap event, in which the company outlined plans for the iPhone SDK, the App Store, and previewed Exchange support for the iPhone and iPod touch.

  1. I think this update will be about a lot more than copy-paste, GPS directions, push, etc.- those could’ve been pushed out in point updates.

    I think they are going to debut a re-worked interface that will build upon what Apple has learned about mobile interfaces since the original iPhone was released, will one-up the Prie to maintain the iPhone ‘cool’ factor, and will also feature much better app management (the App Store has changed everything for the iPhone platform.)

  2. As a long-time iPod touch user I both really hope Apple lets us update for free this time and know they probably won’t.

  3. Stephen nailed it. This wouldn’t be “3.0” if it were merely a few tweaks. There’s going to be something relatively substantial disclosed, and my guess is that they might even roll out a 32 GB model or slash the prices of the existing 3G models.

    I also think the interface will be overhauled somewhat. And I’m wondering if maybe iTunes will open up for video downloading.

  4. I don’t think Apple will rework the UI that much… Many new things will be under the hood for developers to tackle. Yes many included Apps will se revisions, copy-and-paste, etc. but Apple is building a plateform… not just an iPhone or iPod touch…

  5. *praying for the ability to add wallpapers behind the main menu, as well as stereo bluetooth for listening to music and not just taking calls*

  6. Maybe now the iPhone will have grown-up, market-competitive Bluetooth capabilities, instead of this headset-only nonsense from 10 years ago. Apple, this means adding the following profiles beyond HSP: HFP, SYNC, PBAB, and OPP, as well as A2DP and AVRCP, so iPhone users can make *full* use of Bluetooth headsets (stereo ones in particular) and handsfree car kits.

    I’d also like to *finally* see To-Do list from OS X’s iCal sync with the iPhone, but I won’t hold by breath for Apple becoming compatible with itself in this regard.

  7. Tethering would be a nice feature especially for me whether 02 would charge me extra for it is another matter entirely.

  8. It would be nice to see a video capture feature and the ability to sync to my macbook with bluetooth.

    Would also be nice if it was a bit more customizable with the buttons and menus.

    Those are the things that would keep me away from jailbreaking again in the future.

  9. Do we think they’re going to actually release the 3.0 software next week, or is it more likely that they’re going to just announce it, and say “it will be released in June/July on the new iPhones…” like they did last year with the SDK and app store? It seems to me that if they were actually going to release anything besides a new SDK, they would have held the new Shuffle a week to be announced at the same event.

    So I think we’re going to see some announcements, but no new actual releases (except for maybe the new SDK being available.)

  10. Apple hasn’t made much sense the release of the original iPhone. Denying us the basic right to copy paste, forward text messages, and receive multi media messages. Now that Jobs has stepped out temporarily it seams that even less makes sense. Why release the shuffle a weak before a big announcement like 3.0 firmware so it could be entirely posable to have a 3rd gen iPhone announced and released on the 17th

  11. Concur with the bluetooth and to-do integration, but with multiple application capabilities, like Outlook, not just iCal. The lack of to-do integration weakens the iPhone considerably in the smartphone category.

    copy n paste
    sideways, bigger keyboard
    large font viewing capability for the presbyopia crowd
    fix syncing issues with mobileme (tho probably not iphone os issue)

  12. Danielle, no worries… they are releasing a new version operating system for iPhone and iPod Touch, not a new version of the iPhone itself.

  13. They won’t release bluetooth support for stereo headsets. Apple has always been big on style. They have always strived to build iconic images. Take a look at their ads. They have silhouette ads where the white headphones are emphasized. The white headphones are iconic for their music players, and allowing bluetooth headphones would lessen the effect. Most people use the white headphones. Its not that they wont give us the support because they can’t do it, or its at the bottom of their list. They won’t give us bluetooth headsets because the white headphones are part of their marketing campaign. It is quite smart on their part really. Now a days I see white headphones and thing ipod.

  14. Folders! We need folders that we can create and name ourselves. With up to nine home screens for our apps, flicking between them can become a real pain. We need folders to keep our apps in, and to keep them organized. For example, a folder for games, a folder for business apps, a folder for productivity apps, etc. I think this would be one of the most useful things to incorporate into 3.0.

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