Apple announces iPod V portable video player

Apple announces iPod V portable video player 1

Apple today introduced iPod V, the smallest portable video player ever developed.

“Encased in a lightweight anodized aluminum body and featuring a simplified interface for easy, one-touch media navigation, iPod V includes an all-new user interface incorporating the most requested elements of Apple’s OS X graphical interface. Built to integrate easily with QuickTime and Apple’s new iTunes Music Video Store, iPod V will revolutionize the way people watch and listen to audiovisual content.”

  1. i just ran up to my parents and said i want one – they said yes till i founf it was a joke – good one though lol!!!

  2. at least you guys can say that they posted something useful for once.

    april fools jokes are great, but the irony is most people don’t find them funny. 🙁

  3. The only problem is the missing touchwheel. The singular best feature of the ipod. I doubt theyd remove it. NExt time make your apr.fools joke realistic

  4. It’s pretty stupid… in concept… who would ever want to watch a fearture film on one of these things? Torture.

    But that makes the joke even funnier.

  5. You should have made the design better, you forgot to add the scroll wheel. Blah Blah Blah! It was a joke. Nothing was real about it. Stop complaining about something that doesn’t exist. It fooled alot of people (including me). Good job ipodlounge! Nice joke, I was ready to buy it.

  6. i saw it and i was like, whoa, awesome, but this without some hardcore rumors? then i remembered yesterday was april first so i scrolled down a little more and found it was posted yesterday. . .o well, someday, maybe

  7. That has to be the worst mock-up I have ever seen. I like how the buttons are half in the screen, creating a screen edge that looks like rolling hills. That would go great over movies.

    Seriously, if you want to trick someone, try harder.

  8. Matthew can you stop blatently SPAMMING all boards with that stupid URL. I don’t know what it is, but it’s blatent self promotion. You just add boring one liners as often as possible just for another opportunity to spread your shitey crap.

    Now get a life and fuck off.

  9. U ROCK at april fooling. I totaly fell 4 it. I bought a 15gig last week and my bro sent this message 2 me and i totaly fell out of my seat. U ROCK

  10. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I wish that it really was true. Shaving cream blowing up in my car now this. Its time to play some jokes of my own. Do u think Apple will ever realse somthing even close to the Ipod V?

  11. I recall a keychain 8mm movie projector that
    some back of the book comic book marketing
    company came out with 20 years ago… it was
    fun and cool… but the iPodV potential as a
    product is about the same the pocket movie
    projector — NULL

  12. This is nothing new though. Apple is releasing something like this by the end of the year. I’ve had my portable audio/video player for months now and love it –

    at least with mine, I can record from TV and watch avi, divx, etc…. Apple’s will only let you view .mov files. Blah.

  13. I dont think apple would ever show a model like this. the design totally sucks. nothing like the sleek look of thier other products

  14. @ jigga

    your comment sucks. this design is based on the ipod mini, this is more appleish then most of what we’ve seen here during the concept contest

  15. A real working Video iPOD Industrial Grade straight from the NAVY Seals

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