Apple announces Oct. 30 special event in Brooklyn, New York

Apple today sent out media invites for another special event on Oct. 30, this time being held in Brooklyn, New York, and therefore starting at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time, rather than Pacific Time. It’s widely expected that Apple will announce new iPad Pro models and Mac hardware at this event, as has been the trend in the past toward keeping the company’s September event focused on the iPhone. The tagline on the invites for this event is “There’s more in the making,” and Apple’s new event page actually lists a whole collection of different stylized Apple logos, with a new one appearing each time you load the page. Event invites sent to media also featured different logos, and according to MacRumors, it appears to be several dozen, with approximately 10 shown randomly on the event page, while others were used only on the event invites. [via The Verge]

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