Apple blocks WireLurker malware

Following reports earlier this week of a new malware threat capable of infecting iOS devices, Apple has responded by blocking apps that are infected with the malicious code, Macworld UK reports. On Wednesday, Security firm Palo Alto Networks revealed a threat in which hackers were transferring malware to iOS devices through infected OS X desktop applications downloaded from a Chinese app marketplace.

The attack could notably affect devices that had not been jailbroken by transferring malicious code to the devices over a direct USB connection, signed with an enterprise provisioning certificate—the technique normally used for developers building apps to be distributed privately for internal corporate use, as opposed to via Apple’s App Store. Approximately 467 Mac desktop applications on the Chinese app store Maiyadi were found to be infected with WireLurker.

While Apple didn’t specify exactly what it had done to stop the attack, a representative stated that the company is “aware of malicious software available from a download site aimed at users in China,” and that it has “blocked the identified apps to prevent them from launching.” Apple also reminded users of its usual advice to download software only from trusted sources.