Apple chart reveals iPod shuffle 3G track, scrubbing controls


Apple has posted a new knowledge base document outlining the control methods for the third-generation iPod shuffle, including two features that appeared to be missing: fast forward and rewind. According to the document, users will need to double-click and then hold the center earphone remote button to fast-forward, an action that will be accompanied by a single green blink from the unit’s status light. Rewind will require a triple-click and hold, again accompanied by a single green blink, while next track/previous track operations are carried out with double- and triple-clicks, respectively, the same behavior exhibited on the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod nano 4G, iPod touch 2G, and 120GB iPod classic. Finally, users must click and hold the center button to hear the song title and track names, hold until the unit issues a tone and then release to switch playlists, clicking briefly again once the desired playlist name has been spoken, and click and hold to exit the playlist menu.

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