Apple confirms fix is in the works for bug that allows Siri to access hidden notifications

In a statement provided to MacRumors, Apple has confirmed that it already has a fix underway for a bug reported earlier this week in which Siri could bypass privacy restrictions on third-party messaging apps, allowing for otherwise hidden messages to be read aloud, even when an iPhone is locked.

Apple said in the statement that it is “aware of the issue and it will be addressed in an upcoming software update,” although no specific details were provided. The bug currently affects both iOS 11.2.6 as well as the latest iOS 11.3 betas, so it’s unclear whether Apple will simply include the fix in the impending iOS 11.3 release, address the problem with a minor iOS 11.2.7 update, or whether it may miss the impending iOS 11.3 release and be addressed in a subsequent minor update such as iOS 11.3.1.


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