Report: Apple considering $2 price drop for Apple Music subscriptions

Apple may drop the price of Apple Music’s monthly subscriptions by as much as 20 percent, Digital Music News reports. Two non-Apple sources who have been working closely with Apple Music since its launch said the changes are “under serious discussion” and could happen as soon as Christmas. The company would likely have to pay the difference to major recording labels—just like Amazon is doing with its Prime Music service—but the move could help Apple undercut competitors like Spotify, which charges $10 a month for subscriptions and likely couldn’t afford to further subsidize a price cut.
If adopted, the lower rate could start as a Christmas promotion for new users, who would enjoy the usual three-month trial period and then begin paying $8 a month for individuals and $13 for a family plan. If the changes become permanent, existing users will be transitioned to the new rate, but wouldn’t be eligible for any repayment for months they’ve already purchased at the current price. Apple currently charges $10 a month for individuals and $15 for family plans. The current $5 student rate would stay the same even if those other tiers are reduced, according to the sources.

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