Apple delaying approval of iPhone DJ apps?

The delayed approval status of three DJ applications for the iPhone and iPod touch—from three separate developers—has raised questions from fans of the genre as to whether Apple is intentionally delaying their release. Touch DJ from Amidio, Sonorasaurus from Pajamahouse Studios, and DJ Player from Musicsoft Arts have all been in review for some time, with no word from Apple on what might be causing the delays. “We have been waiting about 3 months now with no word on if we are approved and when we can release,” reads an update on Pajamahouse Studios’ Sonorasaurus website. Unlike current “DJ” apps already available in the App Store, all three of these applications would allow the user to mix his/her own tracks together, complete with simultaneous playback of at least two tracks, pitch, fade, tempo and other controls. In addition, all three developers have seen other apps approved in the past, most notably Musicsoft Arts, whose DJ Spooky The Secret Song app is actually based on the yet-to-be-approved DJ Player.

An online petition created to spur Apple into accepting DJ applications for sale on the App Store notes that the company doesn’t allow dual access of the iPod music library stored on the iPhone and iPod touch, which forced each developer to implement an alternative method—transfer over Wi-Fi—of accessing songs for mixing, but despite their efforts, they have yet to see release. [Thanks, Kasabian]

Update: Touch DJ form Amidio has now been approved and is available from the App Store for $20.

  1. Seems Apple’s got some ‘splainin’ to do here.
    While I understand “growing pains” and the rapid-growth popularity of the Store, Apple can’t keep making developers and users mad with this secrecy.
    To not give them a timeline and/or a reason(s) for the delays is really abusing the closed nature of installing software on iPhones and iPods.
    Until Apple open up other methods of installing apps, this has to be addressed.
    I’d be ticked if I were counting on holiday app sales to pay my bills.

  2. Yeah, this closed, no word process is pretty hard. So many developers are running businesses to do this, paying their costs (not to mention the subscription fees to Apple etc) and then they get no feedback on the delays or issues. How are they supposed to have a business model, or explain a late payment to the bank, well we were going to pay our rent but some little company called apple who controls the world market stopped our release.

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