Apple discounts new, refurb previous-generation iPods


Apple has updated the Special Deals section of its online store with discounts on a number of new and refurbished previous-generation iPods. Refurbished third-generation iPod nano models are now available for $79 (4GB) and $99 (8GB), while new first-generation iPod touch models are available for $209 (8GB), $279 (16GB), and $379 (32GB). The same iPod touch models are also available as refurbished units for $179, $219, and $319, respectively. 80GB and 160GB iPod classic units are also available, selling for $199 and $299 new, and $169 and $249 refurbished. Finally, Apple is offering iPod shuffle models in earlier colors for $49 (1GB) and $69 (2GB) new and $39 and $59 refurbished. As with all Apple Special Deals, all products are limited to the amount of stock on hand.

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