Apple drops iPod classic, nano 3G prices in Europe [updated]


Apple has dropped its prices on the iPod classic and iPod nano (wth video) in several European markets by 10-20€. In France, the 4GB and 8GB iPod nano models have dropped from 159€ and 209€ to 149€ and 199€, respectively, while the 80GB iPod classic was reduced from 259€ to 249€ and the 160GB model went from 359€ to 349€. In Germany and Italy, both nano models saw price reductions of 10€, while the iPod classic was reduced by €20. Similar price cuts were seen in Spain, as well. These cuts follow similar drops for the iPod touch, which saw its French pricing reduced by 20-30€ back in January.

Update: Apple has also reduced its prices on the iPod nano (with video) and iPod classic in Canada. The 4GB iPod nano dropped from $169 CAD to $159 CAD and the 80GB iPod classic was reduced from $279 CAD to $259 CAD; similar price adjustments were also made to the 8GB iPod nano and 160GB iPod classic.

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