Apple drops price on USB-C to Lightning Cable

In a somewhat unusual move, Apple has quietly lowered the price on its standard one-meter USB-C to Lightning Cable, lowering it from its original $25 asking price down to $19, putting it at the same price as its standard Lightning to USB Cable, further fuelling recent rumors that this year’s iPhone models will be shipping with USB-C chargers.
Notably, only the one-meter USB-C to Lightning cable has dropped in price; Apple continues to sell the two-meter version for the original $35 price tag, still $6 higher than its standard USB-A counterpart. While the USB-C to Lightning cable was originally targeted at users of Apple’s new USB-C only MacBooks, Apple has also been gradually bringing USB-C Fast Charging capabilities to its Lightning devices, beginning with the original iPad Pro and extending to the 2017 iPhone lineup, giving users another incentive to purchase the USB-C version of the Lightning cable, although a USB-PD compatible power source, such as Apple’s 29W USB-C Power Adapter, is also required to complete the set. [9to5Mac]

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