Apple employees share thoughts on leaks, security

A new story at Ars Technica details Apple’s issues with product leaks through interviews with anonymous employees. The article suggests that the majority of Apple’s leaks come from contract manufacturers and partners, even though security within Apple may be stricter than ever.

Within the story, an employee deemed Apple’s security practices “outdated,” noting that they reflect a focus on training people who aren’t actually responsible for leaks. Similarly, while Apple’s overseas manufacturing methods have led to impressive results, an employee said it will continue to be hard to hide new designs because the manufacturing workers “have no vested interest in keeping it secret.”

According to the story, even Apple’s retail stores have been impacted by tighter security precautions — stores now receive OS X system updates only 12 hours before release.

Stores used to receive the updates about a week ahead of launch, making it easier for employees to learn the new features.