Apple engineers visit musician’s home, are stumped by iTunes deletions

After going public with his gripe about Apple Music deleting 122 GB of music off his personal computer, musician James Pinkstone added a new blog entry detailing what happened when Apple sent two engineers to his house to investigate the issue. Running a special version of iTunes designed to document any further mass deletions, the engineers spent hours troubleshooting but weren’t able to replicate the issue. Of particular concern was that there is no pattern to what was deleted, with files of all types, sizes and genres suddenly disappearing.
TechCrunch reports that the iTunes 12.4 update released Monday includes a tweak aimed at fixing the problem, but notes that since Apple has yet been able to replicate the issue, it’s unclear whether the problem is really solved. At this point Apple doesn’t even seem to know whether the problem is tied only to Apple Music’s subscription service or if it could also affect regular iTunes users in some way. Apple hasn’t released documentation with details of the fix, and so far the confirmation box that asks users whether they want to remove a downloaded version of a song or actually delete the song from their library entirely appears to be working the same as before.

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