Apple exploring options for bundling original TV content, Apple Music, and magazine subscriptions

Apple is reportedly considering building a single subscription offering that would bundle its original TV content with Apple Music and digital magazines, according to a new report from The Information (via MacRumors). Citing sources with knowledge of the company’s plans, the report notes that Apple is planning to launch a digital news subscription service next year, which will use its recent acquisition of Texture to bring magazines to Apple News. In the longer term, however, sources suggest that Apple will eventually bundle that digital news subscription service with both Apple Music and all of the original TV content that is currently in the works, although the sources weren’t able to provide any details on when this will happen or how much it’s going to cost. Further, Apple will apparently continue offering Apple Music as a standalone service as well, suggesting that it will do the same for digital magazines and its original TV content service. Decisions are said to still be ongoing, however, as to what the services will look like, so nothing has yet been finalized.

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