Apple gift poll ends, new Apple TV poll begins

With over 2,800 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll—“Do you plan to purchase an Apple media product as a gift this holiday season, and if so, which one?”—has ended. Readers were given a choice between all of Apple’s media products, as well as an option for those who don’t plan on gifting an Apple product this year.

The iPod touch and iPad were nearly deadlocked for most popular gift, with the iPod touch receiving 19 percent of the overall vote and the iPad accounting for 18 percent.

Those two iOS products were followed by two more, the Apple TV and iPhone, both of which received six percent of the overall vote. The iPod nano was next with five percent, followed by the iPod shuffle with two percent, and the iPod classic, which one percent of readers said they would be giving as a gift. Meanwhile, a sizable portion of readers—43 percent—don’t plan on purchasing an Apple media product as a gift this year.

Thanks for all your votes!

Our new poll focuses on the second-generation Apple TV. We’d simply like to know whether or not you’ve bought a new Apple TV. Our new poll—“Did you buy a new Apple TV?”—lets you answer that question.