Apple hires Nokia exec to lead operations in India

Amidst reports last summer that Apple lost three key executives in India, the company has now hired Nokia executive Ashish Chowdhary to be its head of India operations, according to a report by IANS (via 9to5Mac). The IANS report cited industry sources as noting that Chowdhary will come on board with Apple in Jan. 2019, which dovetails with a statement by Nokia to The Economic Times that he will be remaining with Nokia until the end of 2018, after which he will “take a leadership position in another company.” Chowdhary has served as the Chief Customer Operations Officer at Nokia Networks for the past 15 years, and the report notes that Apple was particularly interested in him due to his knowledge and experience in the smartphone and technology industry in India — a market that Apple has been struggling to gain ground in.

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