Apple hiring editor to curate live sports content, developing AR technology for MLB

Apple is making a push into the sports world on multiple fronts, posting a job opening for a sports editor “to lead content curation and programming for the recently-announced live sports feature in the Apple TV app.” Unsurprisingly the post is looking for someone who lives and breathes sports of all kinds and has extensive experience in all aspects of the television business. The new live TV features coming down the pipe with tvOS 11 include on-screen notifications for games and all kinds of tracking abilities for fans, but direct deals with the sports leagues that are streaming the content will still be necessary for access to live events.
The Apple TV isn’t the only Apple device likely to get some play during live sporting events, with CNET reporting that Apple is working with MLB to add augmented reality capabilities to the At Bat app, allowing fans to view a game through their iPad or iPhone and see relevant data displayed in an overlay. The app will provide the same kind of instant access to pitch speed, stats and sports trivia that viewers get from the comofrot of their couches at home. The company is still working out the kinks so as to include just the right amount of information without being too overwhelming, and is expected to have the app ready by next year.

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