Apple intros FaceTime-capable iPod touch 4G

Apple intros FaceTime-capable iPod touch 4G 1

Apple intros FaceTime-capable iPod touch 4G 2

Apple today introduced its fourth-generation iPod touch, featuring a FaceTime-capable front-facing camera. The new touch also sports a new HD video recording rear-facing camera and microphone, the same Apple A4 chip that powers the iPhone 4, a 960×640 retina display, and a 3-axis gyroscope. Physically, the new iPod touch is thinner than its predecessors and features a slightly curved, flatter back, and a new speaker port near the Dock Connector. Notably, both the front- and rear-facing cameras will be capable of still photography, with the former capped at 640×480 resolution and the latter capped at 960×720. The devices will be available next week and will be priced at $229 for the 8GB model, $299 for the 32GB version, and $399 for the 64GB model.

Note that the fourth-generation iPod touch gains limited 802.11n support (2.4GHz only), like the iPhone 4, joining Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, and has a promised audio run time of 40 hours, versus 7 hours of video. H.264 and M-JPEG video codecs now support 1280×720-resolution 720p HD videos, as well as 1024×768 output via Apple’s previously-released iPad VGA to Dock Connector Adapter. The device does not have GPS hardware and thus supports geo-tagging only when connected to a Wi-Fi network. FaceTime video calling is handled via a dedicated FaceTime application, with an icon that looks like a white camera on a green background.

  1. Interesting that there is no mention of a LED flash. Looks like they’re saving it for next year. C’mon Apple, you know it made sense to include it the first time around.

  2. YAWWWWNNNN…..still an iPhone without the phone. And useless to me with no more than 64GB. Make a 180GB iPod touch and I’ll consider it. But of course, it would cost $999 at the rate Apple charges for memory.

  3. I was saving money for a new PC based laptop or a 100+ gig touch. I have been ready to buy a large gig touch for 2 years and once again no. Looks like Apple lost my money once again. My Classic is getting buggy mybe a DROID device of some type would be nice.

  4. Anyone notice they bumped the price back up to $229? I was really looking forward to spending my birthday money on a new touch; not anymore thanks to tax. Now I guess I’ll just go with the new Nano. I really liked that $199 price point and I know many of my friends did as well.

  5. The only thing I hate about the new touch announcement is that it lacks the 5 mp rear camera iPhone 4 has. That is the only reason I won’t purchase the new touch.

  6. @Vito Villamor (#2): The older iPod touch models have been officially discontinued as of today, as previous years’ models usually are. You’ll still be able to purchase old stock and refurbished models from Apple at discounted prices, but the fourth-generation is now the iPod touch. Apple almost never keeps previous models on sale, and last year’s continued sale of the second-generation iPod touch alongside the third-generation was an odd exception to that trend, and created quite a bit of confusion as a result when it came to things like iOS updates.

    @Marcus Ussery (#3): It doesn’t appear that Apple has actually discontinued the iPod classic yet. It’s still available for sale on the Apple Store. They’ve merely not updated it this year, and this seems to be yet another sign that it’s days are numbered.

    @Luis (#5): Yes, but you’ll only be getting 0.7 megapixel shots. The camera is clearly designed only for video, in much the same way the camera on last year’s 5G nano was.

  7. Well, guess I can buy a new kindle then. Was waiting for a 128 gig touch but since there Isn’t one this year, amazon will get my money. Shame, I really wanted that 128 gig touch, my 64 gig is so full.

  8. #6: I’m right there with you. And this lacks not only the Phone, but also GPS. Why?

    And with apparently no more Classic, it is a shame there isn’t a 128GB iPod Touch (or iPad for that matter).

    Apple keeps strengthening my position that the most complete mobile tech capability, that also minimizes the number of devices one has to carry, is a laptop plus an iPhone.

  9. so what cases should fit this? it’s thinner than the 3rd gen ipod touch, so those cases might fit with a little wiggle room in the back as long as everything else is in the same place. (cut a hole for the camera in the back?)

    or is everything in the same place as an iphone 3Gs?

  10. @Farnsworth (#12): Apple seems to have little desire to include a GPS on non-3G capable devices as they’re relying to heavily on AGPS, which uses cellular towers to assist with determining your location. Take out the SIM card from your iPhone or iPad 3G, turn off Wi-Fi and reboot it (to clear any cached location data) and then try using the GPS — you’ll eventually get a lock, but it can take upwards of five minutes. I had a Nokia E90 years ago that oddly didn’t use AGPS and when I tried to do turn-by-turn navigation with it I had to sit in my parking lot and wait 5-10 minutes for a lock before I could even start driving; once I was moving I could generally never get a lock. Not a great user experience, and probably something Apple wants to avoid putting users through.

    As for minimizing number of devices, I’ve found that an iPad and an iPhone does it for me on a normal day. I still have a MacBook Air, but I only take that with me when I know I’m going to need to do serious work that requires a full computer (writing complex documents or spreadsheets, doing network analysis, etc).

    @mike (#14): As with other new iPod releases, expect a whole new lineup of iPod touch 4G cases to hit the market soon. My guess is that iPhone cases will be extremely loose — the device is considerably thinner, and even the iPhone 4 didn’t fit snugly in 3G/3GS cases.

  11. They wont add a phone to ipod touch as it would hear the sales of iPhone and this would show a rapid hike of price of iPod touch.
    As in USA, phones are sold in contact and therefore looks that it is not at all too costly.
    But, iPhones in many country’s is sold at nearly $999, which is very costly.
    Which worsens in Developing countries.
    And an iPhone is an iPod Touch with a phone and some little extra features, which has a great difference with price

  12. Jesse (#17), I think your first sentence helps make my point. A device with GPS and without telephony would *not* use AGPS, and therefore do not add strain to the cellular network.

    As for your E90, you said it yourself, that was “years ago.” GPS-equipped mobile phones have come a long way since then.

    And Apple still hasn’t been able to sell me an iPad. As I said about the Magic Trackpad, it’s so “cool” that I wish I had a need for one… but I don’t. To each their own.

  13. the still resoulation is crap, my dsi does that, id like just how good the HD videos will be and i hope the mic isnt as bad as the nanos was that thing was so crap, it made intermittent buzzing noises in quiet enviroments, and got really distored in loud enviroments, i solved that when i got earbuds with the mic in the remote (which i cant seem to find 🙁 )

  14. No 16 gig, No upgrade. (Do not need 32 and 8 is to small)
    + a nano that I can not watch podcasts on is useless.
    A big step the wrong way.
    (I will be looking into other options if they continue on this path)

  15. @Farnsworth (#19): The problem is that a “full” GPS chip would cost more to implement and would also require some significant hardware changes to provide better antenna reception. Almost all mobile phones use some form of AGPS (there are differing implementations, but they all rely on cellular towers). Even the Nokia E90 and N95 were supposed to use AGPS but didn’t. I believe a later firmware update fixed that, but I had already abandoned it for the iPhone by that point.

    The same GPS technology in the iPod touch or non-3G iPad simply wouldn’t work very well at all — they’d have to go with a full GPS chipset and antenna design, increasing costs for what is arguably not a primary feature of the device.

  16. Add another vote of disappointment for the failure to bump the storage. I would have much more preferred they shape it like the iPhone 4 with the flat backside and double the storage. Instead they took a player that already felt ultra fragile and made it thinner.
    Hope the competition took notice that the Classic didn’t get an update. I got $300 waiting for a good 40GB player with graphic EQ.

  17. Apple’s messing with your heads. They never listen to what their customers want. The best thing then is, don’t be their customer. They could easily have put a GPS in their ipod touch, and crossfade, and all the other features that they DELIBERATELY left out.

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