Apple intros space gray iPod touch, nano, shuffle

Apple intros space gray iPod touch, nano, shuffle 1

Apple has quietly added space gray as a color option for the iPod touch 32GB and 64GB models, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle, replacing the previously slate black versions of each device. The new color option is sold as a color option for the devices at the same prices as before.


Considering the unannounced color addition, it’s unlikely that Apple will further update their iPod line this year. In 2011, the fourth-generation iPod touch skipped a year in updates, only adding white as a new color.

  1. So the message of the day is, “If you don’t want an iPhone 5S, F%@# YOU!”

    The iPad event next month has to be better, right? 😉

  2. Isn’t the blue color also new? Are any of the other three colors different from how they were this past year? Also is there anything different about the 16GB model?

  3. To Max Claster, the 16GB model lacks a rear camera and flash. The microphone is also moved to the top since it won’t be next to any rear camera.

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