Apple investigating bug that leaves iPhone 7 with no service after using Airplane Mode

Internal documents show Apple is investigating claims that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are leaving users without cellular service after they turn off Airplane Mode, MacRumors reports. The company has told service provides to suggest a hard reboot of the phone the fix the issue, and to remove and re-insert the phone’s SIM card if that doesn’t solve the problem.
In a YouTube video, Yasser El-Haggan showed his new iPhone 7 side-by-side with his wife’s iPhone 6s, putting both in Airplane Mode and then turning them off — only the 6s regains cellular service. Both devices are from AT&T, which means that version of the iPhone 7 features an Intel modem instead of the Qualcomm modem found in Verizon and Sprint models. El-Haggan returned his iPhone 7 to Apple and received a replacement on the spot, with employees not even running a basic diagnostic test.

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